Over time I think about writing personal blogs, and tonight maybe this one will help you get to know me and my hookah hobby. When I say hobby, it’s really more than that. I’ve already written about how I started out and how I got to where I am now, but I don’t really talk about what I do personally. Who am I? Am I a hype man for a hookah vendor and blog site? Am I all talk and no action? What do I do? I guess you could say that I am a hype man adding flavor to products you see online and giving out knowledge on hookah and hookah affiliated merchandise but is it all talk? No, I take my hobby very seriously. How may you ask? Well here is where it all comes together. I sit down every Tuesday and Thursday night regardless and smoke at least one bowl of hookah. I keep my body a trained machine if you will. I know people that will come over and want to drag hookah, but after 5 minutes they are finished. I don’t want to go back to those days, so I load up a bowl and pull it all myself to keep my lungs prepped for my next review or hookah party. But what products do I use personally? I use all the products you see in my studies online. From the hookahs to the hoses, the bowls, and even the shisha. I get negative comments all the time on how I don’t have a lot of smoke in my videos, but that’s because I use a green screen and the smoke messes with my video effects. For the past few weeks, I have been using the 24 KM hookah, and I cannot put this Palace glass hose down its so awesome. I also use Lemon Nara charcoal and sometimes I switch between it and the Lobster charcoal just to keep myself familiar with it. What shisha do I use? Well in videos and blogs I have talked about mixing, well over the past few weeks, this has been the case. I’ve been combining Al-Fakher’s nontobacco watermelon, Haze Peachella, and Haze Pomegranate. Why? The flavor is incredible, and I don’t use up all of one character to do so. I like the smoke I get off the nontobacco, but it doesn’t have a buzz because there is no nicotine so that’s where the Haze comes in to give me that buzz because if I don’t smoke with nicotine regularly, then I’ll get a buzz during a review. If Im buzzing during a study it makes it hard for me to do a good summary of the product. So here is my question for you, what do you do with hookah and how do you do it? Whats on your menu?