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When searching the interwebs to find products to go along with buying hookah you can find an array of accessories. I’ve stumbled across many products both practical and functional that are a must-have for your hookah. From mouth tips to spare and extra bowls, there are many sites across the web that you can buy hookah and hookah products. One of those places is they have a great page on hookah products you can check out here at I find an extra set of tongs and grommets are a must for any avid hookah smoker. I also see that when Im is transporting my hookah from home to a friends house that the hookah bar is a must as well. I used my hookah bag tonight to tote my hookah from here to there very smoothly and it was comfortable. No fumbling around trying to carry everything and my hookah wasn’t in danger of getting damaged or knocked around. So when you go buy your hookah don’t forget to accessorize because you can customize your experience every time. Smoking outside? No problem was picking up a wind guard, so the wind doesn’t carry your coals away. Grommets age and wear out just like everything else in this world to pick up a few, so you don’t have to wait in the future while some are on the way in the mail. Always remember anything can happen to keep a spare everything and you will be good to go, and won’t have to wait when you have to order replacements.