water pipe

When it comes to hookah there are two things that come to mind. Sophistication and recreation come to my mind. There are those out there that like to party and use their hookah as another smoking apparatus that I frown upon. There are those that enjoy hookah as a staple of sophisticated smoking. I tend to enjoy smoking with others as opposed to smoking alone. Typically I smoke alone when I shoot a video for my reviews and hookah videos. How can you be a sophisticated smoker? Dive into hookah head first. Gain as much knowledge as you can, smoking hookah is not only an interesting past time but also a science in itself. As I have written in another blog about how to get a good smoke out of your hookah it is a science on how to make the best out of your session. You will see teens and young adults who will just slap a hookah together and smoke for the popularity of smoking. I myself take the time to set up the perfect hookah every time I smoke. I take into consideration how many people will be smoking, what their tolerance level is, what their flavor is, what to serve with the hookah. I generally like a nice glass of rum and coke with my hookah as far as my friends, soda is fine. Snacks and foods should be light and easy to eat. Heavy food will counteract the hookah and make your guest full and less likely to enjoy the smoke. Set a relaxing atmosphere and play light music that will keep them calm but quiet enough to talk over. You need this ambiance to knock off the awkward silence between your conversation as you pull from the hookah. Think of the British, tradition is to converse over tea, hookah should be substituted in the place of tea. Now you don’t always have to smoke with someone, sometimes I enjoy a nice session by myself but would rather share the experience. I hope this information has helped you and I just want to thank you for taking the time to read.