Shisha pipe

I just wanted to take some time and talk to you about how I got started in all of this hookah and hookah related stuff. It all started about five years ago at a friends house, he had a pumpkin hookah and asked if I wanted to try it. I was hesitant at. First, what it does to you, is it bad for you, how does it work? These were all questions I asked before I even tried it. I mean yeah I smoked cigarettes and cigars, and I knew what those were but a hookah whats this? Well, they explained it to me and then I tried it. My first flavor was strawberry daiquiri, and from there I was hooked. My friend never used this hookah, so he gave it back to my roommate in which he received it from, and from there I started using his hookah regularly. I also got one of my friends hooked on hookah as well. A mutual friend of ours left on vacation for USA in which I house sat for, and as a gift, I asked if he came across any hookahs while in USA if he could bring me one back for house sitting. On his return, he brought my friend and I a hookah as a present. I was so excited that hookah consumed me and I started smoking nearly every day from that day on. One day I thought why not turn my hobby into something more and I started doing reviews for a website on youtube and they, in turn, started using my studies on their site. Now I do reports on a regular basis and have never turned back since. I love doing reviews and writing blogs on my hobby now, and people ask me questions about hookah all the time on facebook and youtube. So my question for you is how did you get started with hookah. I know there are bars and lounges scattered across the globe and hookah is making its way back into society like it has been for centuries.