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Today I want to talk about a few issues I have run into in the past and how I solved the issues while waiting for parts to arrive. Ok, let’s start out with your carb, and Im not talking about the carbon your first car. Have you ever taken your hookah apart and when you got to the carb you accidentally drop the ball bearing out? What happened, did you find it or did it roll away from you? Maybe it fell down the drain? No need to worry! I had a similar experience where a friend bought a hookah that was missing the ball bearing for the carb. Here is a simple fix so you can smoke while waiting for a replacement. Are you already going to use a piece of foil on the bowl right? Well, why not rip off a small piece and cover the hole in your carb and put it back together? This trick sounds like it is a lot of trouble but it really isn’t. When you do this your hookah will get the smoke you want without the headache of holding the carb hole closed. Just remember don’t blow back into the hookah because you will force water up the stem and into the bowl. If this happens you will ruin your shisha and charcoal and possibly damage your bowl. Another thing is if you are smoking alone and have a two hosed hookah and you need a carb, just take one of the ball bearings out of your hose and use the other fitting as a carb. I do this on occasion when I smoke my 2 hosed hookah alone.